Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus MOD APK

Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus MOD APK v1.10.9 (Unlimited Currency & Health)

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Warhammer 40,000: is a turn-based strategy based on the hobby “Warhammer”, which is a fusion of analog war simulation games and plastic models. “Warhammer” includes “Age of Sigma”, which has a high fantasy world view of swords and magic, and “40000 (commonly known as 40K)”, which has a science fiction world view. is “40K”. The content is that humans fight against aliens and dark gods, and in the sense of humans vs. monsters, it can be said to be a kind of horror battle science fiction like “DOOM” and “Gears of War”. However, it is not a simple depiction of humanity = as good, but it can be said that it is characterized by an overall dystopian atmosphere. This is a game version of “40K”, and I thought it would be dark and oppressive, but the gameplay is simple and exhilarating! At the same time, it is finished in a work that is perfect for strategy.

Long Range Attack With Tap Flick To Move & Melee Attacks

You’ll feel at home if you’ve played turn-based strategy before. The basic game system follows the general turn-based strategy. The stage is a field separated by hexagonal squares = hexes. The goal is to move the unit every turn and annihilate the enemy unit. You can move by tapping the destination hex and shoot from a long distance by tapping the enemy. Also, by flicking from the unit to the enemy, you can perform a coordinated move → close-range attack.

Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus MOD APK

Get Material Items Grow A Unit

Units can be strengthened by using material items obtained in battle. Material items for enhancement can also be acquired from chest-like items “Crates” sold at shops. You can get it by exchanging it with Black Stone, a charged item.

Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus Is Both Exhilarating And Tactical

40K is dystopian, dark, and heavy. …I had such an impression, so when I played this work, I was surprised at the exhilaration. First of all, the operability of being able to move with a flick feels good. I think this comfort is close to “Fire Emblem Heroes”. Even better than that is the battle effect! It feels like you are playing a shooting game.

Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus MOD APK

“Death From The Sky” Is A Must See Attack Production & Se Is Exhilarating

One of the things that makes me feel so good is the flashiness of the attack effects during battle. Another is sound effects. This alone feels good enough, but I think the operability of attacking with a flick also makes it feel like you’re attacking yourself. Rather than moving the unit, it feels like you’re shooting a gun yourself. This kind of feeling is rare in simulation games. Also, although the feeling of attacking yourself is weak, the particularly exhilarating effect is the skill “Death from the Sky” used by the unit “Bellator”. Multiple allied units called Inceptors descend from the sky and fire concentrated fire at enemy units! It feels good like a special move in a fighting game.

Strategy Is Also Important Chewy Rush Mode Is Fun

It’s wonderful that while it’s full of exhilaration, it doesn’t forget the real thrill of the analog war simulation game “Warhammer.” Of course, the real pleasure is strategy and tactics. Fighting is very important because high places are more advantageous, and elements such as burning the map with flames and giving continuous damage are introduced. However, the story mode is relatively easy, and the difficulty level is manageable even with a push. However, the rush mode that withstands multiple waves can be chewy. If you don’t think about how to fight, it’s difficult to survive until the end. If you want strategy and tactics, try rush mode.

Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus MOD APK

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