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Jewel Mano MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.23.0

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Jewel Manor will help you become an extremely famous and famous diamond master. It will undoubtedly take maximum effort to achieve this. The best way is to take your brain to think further. Beat each puzzle harder to start accumulating experience. It doesn’t matter if you win or not during the game. That way, you can play happily and develop optimally. Gorgeous diamonds are waiting to be harvested and used for your purposes. Jewel Manor is a trendy and famous simple match-three puzzle game. But it is not as simple as other products on the market. This whole story has a bright tone and is pleasing to the eye. Incorporate the same renovation method as the design games. These two factors combine to create an overview that cannot be faulted at any point. Challenge your mind with a learning-by-play method. Make the most of your thinking abilities to win the game’s levels in your way.

About Jewel Mano MOD APK

You are a talented engineer with the ability to create things that can go beyond imagination. Your biggest goal in life is to build a big castle. We must take our renovation step by step to bring it back to its value. The first is cleaning up all the mess in there. After that, I refresh and start putting the furniture I have prepared into it. Each time you recreate the interior, you will need a certain amount of money. That’s when we have to solve puzzles and win the levels. Bonuses will help you realize your dreams exceptionally quickly.

Jewel Mano MOD APK

Home Design

The castle you are in will have many rooms responsible for any function. For example, we have a reading room, a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, etc. All these rooms have in common is that they are huge in scale. Of course, it was because it was designed with royalty and nobility in mind. The objects in the room will serve the owner’s purpose best. You have three choices each time you replace or add a new item. Each option has an optimal design style that does not overlap with the rest. You can choose randomly or according to your preferences, with no influence.

Jewel Mano MOD APK

Fun Puzzle

Each level of Jewel Manor brings new colors to us. Each level will have a type of arrangement as well as increasing difficulty. You will adapt from things that are easy to things that can get you stuck. As a result, you can constantly challenge your limits even more. But at times, we cannot take the exact steps. Instead of having to play from the beginning, you can make the most of your help. They will help you destroy those troublesome gems. Then pave the way for more manageable steps later. You can win the level with three extremely prestigious stars.

Jewel Mano MOD APK

Collect Rewards

Don’t think that only levels can bring you rewards. Completing the designs is also essential and contains enormous rewards. This is done after you have a complete room or location. All items have been brought to their original pre-determined locations. Large chests containing gold coins and infinite help await you in the Jewel Manor mod.

Jewel Mano MOD APK

Dramatic Match 3 Puzzle Gameplay

For the game to give its players the best entertainment experience, the gameplay will be a feature that needs attention and development. That’s why the manufacturers of Jewel Manor have chosen the familiar match-3 puzzle gameplay for their products but always receive a lot of love from players. This is one of those simple game genres that are familiar to many players worldwide and can be started very easily. You will completely be able to experience this simple game in offline mode without the device needing to connect to the Internet. With this mode, players can completely start their experiences on bus routes or in long queues for many hours. With only the simplest operation, which is to assemble gems of the same shape and color close to each other, you can easily overcome the challenge.

Jewel Mano MOD APK

Design Your Favorite House And Get A Reward

Besides, Jewel Manor also gives its players a system of extremely attractive challenges. With Match-3 games, the rewards you receive can be used to buy furniture to design and continuously renovate and upgrade your dream home. After overcoming challenges, you will be able to decorate and design the interior of many different hidden areas in your castle, such as the living room and bedroom. Moreover, the players will also be able to receive really attractive rewards if they can overcome the challenge. Complete the design of different areas inside your castle to enjoy the sweetness of rewards like coins, boosters, and more. Join a game with the highest graphic quality with unique interior designs to create your favorite castle.

Key Features

  • The game is designed in the puzzle game genre to stimulate the thinking and solving abilities of the participating players.
  • The gameplay will be built in the familiar match-3 game style with the task of matching multi-colored jewels together.
  • Directly participate in designing and decorating many beautiful interiors in the castle that you have always dreamed of owning.
  • The offline game mode that the game design allows players to experience anywhere they want without caring about the Internet.
  • The game’s graphics are designed in a cute cartoon style with many castle scenes and extremely beautiful interiors.

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