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Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK v1.7.7 (Unlimited Money/Free Purchase, VIP)

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Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK is a game where you will establish your timber harvesting and processing company.

Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK creates your wood processing enterprise in this economic simulation. You will start with the limited production of wood construction materials. Still, with each accomplished assignment, you can increase production and hire more experienced personnel in other sectors. To speed up work in this game, open additional lines and acquire and enhance more equipment. Expand your wood factory into a type of empire so that you become a lucrative partner for the globe in terms of raw materials. Become prosperous by collecting hardwoods and collecting and hiring people to assist you in your endeavor. Start your forest plantation and develop unique wood species. Supply high-quality wood to market by cultivating a wide range of woods for several consumer applications.

About Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK

Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK is a fantastic simulation game in which you control a home production company. This is a freshly released clicker game in which you must go from a tinny wood factory to becoming a timber tycoon. You’re a proprietor of a small wood factory in this incredibly entertaining and engaging game. You manage a workshop in which you sell wooden planks. At the start of the game, you must work hard to create a decent client base and learn how to manage them. After learning everything there is to know the business and make money, it’s time to grow your company throughout the city to become a tycoon.  Develop your operation. the most fabulous processing conditions and upgrade your equipment. Make yourself recognized through marketing and spend your income on a marketing plan that will expose you to as many clients as possible. The game comprises many tasks for its player to do, and upon completion of each work, they will be awarded unique gifts and resources to help them build their wood manufacturing firm. You can become a skillful and intelligent tycoon who understands managing a wood workshop while attracting many consumers. Increase the size of your current factories and seek to increase their efficiency.

Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK

Mind Blowing Gameplay

Logging can appear to be a straightforward profession, but if you played Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK, you’d have to reconsider. He is the owner of the world’s largest logging enterprise. Enrich oneself by engaging in activities relating to wood manufacturing. In the spirit of many other idle games, you don’t have to engage in too many things for extended periods. A production line will follow all of this. You construct them all once, so they can function independently and profit from you. Manage a tiny lumberyard and gradually expand its size. There can be numerous challenges in the business process, but don’t worry about anything when you have a lot of money. Control operation and enable further new manufacturing systems. Collaborate with many well-known corporate organizations to help you to establish your brand. There are problems with keeping the firms running and preventing unneeded events.

Start Your Wood Business

In Idle Lumber Empire, MOD APK, players will with a modest sawmill and strive to expand it into the city’s most excellent timber enterprise. You can now select various ideal games on the market to experience the sensation of being a boss in various occupations. Or start a woodworking business that will not let you down.

Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK

Expand Your Company

As your wood manufacturing grows, you can hire more employees by paying them reasonable wages for doing an excellent job with devotion and attention. Hire expert professionals from various fields to help your organization become well-known. Earning a lot of money through hard work allows you to buy new equipment for your firms and launch new lines. It is a viral app with millions of downloads, and you have a great time playing it.

Forest Development

We must renovate resources to create them constantly because resources are never unlimited. This is a process of replanting forests to replenish the amount of timber that has been lost. For the quickest forest regeneration, hire experienced planters. You must compensate them for their efforts. When you upgrade a forest planner, you pay a significant wage for that individual to plant a forest quicker. Without forests bringing in timber for the industry would be nearly possible.

Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK

Upgrade The Machinery

Machines must be current and stable to produce efficiently. Take note of your wood manufacturing lines. This is the most crucial stage in determining the quality and product after its issuance. Use the funds to improve machinery to increase quantity and production speed. The machines that cut and handle wood and process it modify its structure to make items.

Transportation Vehicles

Trucks and trucks must be present to move timber from the forest to the warehouse and planet. If you have experienced shipping personnel, you won’t have to worry about the procedure. You must enhance these processes and become familiar with the proper techniques to maintain them effectively. Because you move a substantial amount of food, you must keep your composer behind the wheel and pay special attention to your surroundings. If you accomplish the duties allocated to you on time, you will be awarded a variety of alluring presents and other perks.

Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK

Business Campaigns

All business campaigns aim to sell your items in the market. Bing by launching Marketing initiatives to advertise your items. As a result, people and particular companies will be aware of your goods. So we have received the first order. This is a time to assemble a method to deliver the items to clients.  There will be several challenges relating to interest at times. You cant avoid disrupting the shipment process. Orders are handled swiftly, and you will attract more investors.

Highly Detailed Graphics

When playing Idle Lumber Empire, MOD APK, players will notice an extraordinarily advanced and realistic visual system. All pictures are drawn in various colors  The surrounding scenery is magnificent, resulting in delightful and hilarious gaming images. The characters of the game are also charming and show their personalities. Each character has a distinct appearance that allows players to differentiate and prevent misunderstandings between them. The music arrangement has made this game much more dynamic.


Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK is a game that contains the process of making a wood, and players just require basic knowledge and abilities in the wood factory. The game provides users free access to premium features such as reputation. Business points, diamonds, coins, and so on, The game offers an ad-free experience to its players, and the purpose of the game to the players to become a wealthy tycoon.

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